Maxwell Lashes Out At Critics Saying He Prefers White Women: ‘Go F*** YourSelf!’

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A few women of color are feeling some type of way these days, about some of singer Maxwell’s Instagram pictures. Specifically, his lack of diversity. In short, they feel that he rarely shows African American women. This week, the photo below triggered a nasty Instagram exchange.

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One of his Instagram followers commented on the photo above:

Here we go again with the white girls SMH Let’s see some Beautiful African Women…

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While a few other commenters chimed in:

Ewww where are the beautiful sisters…No hate, but there is a lack of diversity and they are sooooooo skinny.

And another unpleased commenter wrote:


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Surprisingly the 40-year-old singer responded to his critics:

I don’t give a f*ck I’m putting ever(y) type (of) girl in my Instagram go f*ck yourself if you’re a racist *sshole!!!

Yep. Straight like that. P.S. We did go lurking in his Instagram and found an array of women, but heck who asked us! What are your thoughts?

[Madame Noire]