[VIDEO] Lil Mo Talks ‘R&B Divas’ Drama, Calls Dawn Robinson A Coward, Kelly Price Controlling & Clarifies Remarks About Stevie Wonder

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Hands down, singer Lil Mo seems to be one of the fan favorites of TV One’s new spin-off show, R&B Divas LA. Only four episodes in and the warm and fuzzy sides of the cast seem to be seeping out in front of cameras, giving viewers a bit of who they REALLY are, along with a tad bit of entertaining drama. This week, Lil Mo stopped by Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’, dishing on how she REALLY feels about Kelly Price’s recent behavior, who on the show she feels is a coward and how she’s getting everything she expected out of reality TV. She also ended her segment with an impromptu song. Peep a few excerpts.

Her reaction to Kelly Price confronting the monologue producer:

Child they tried her for her life…When she had jumped in the producer’s face. He was a cool dude and he was hired by the TV people. That’s who does all the hiring, that’s who does all the contracts. She wanted to control the situation and they ripped her….I just wouldn’t have jumped in no man’s face like that….I hope she not beating her husband….

You hafta edit some things..So trust me, the stuff that they kept was honestly good, but violence is unacceptable. Honesty, he handled himself well. If somebody jump in your face….They show like clips where she pulled out some Timbaland boots. I was like, ‘What part of the game is this?’ Nobody else had a prop.

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If she feels like she’s being edited properly:
I’ve done radio so I know radio is the theater of the mind. Honestly, that’s the watered down version of me. People can since who you are from reality TV.
Who she considers the most ratchet on the show:
It’s some cowardly lion on that b*tch. Dawn. She’s like 63 years old. She needs to stop. You supposed to lead us to the promise land. That’s probably why you got kicked out the group.
If she is getting everything out of reality TV that she wanted to:
Everything that I need. Resurfacing to the industry…I don’t hafta play music if I don’t want to. My song come(s) out September 11th. I wrote the theme song. It’s money in this thang.
Her feelings about Michell’e
She has an interesting story. If you know her, you’ll love her cuz she’s mad cool. She has children–just the fact of surviving that, son. And they’re huge. Dre son. I asked her does she get some of the Dre Beatz coin.
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If she’s bumped into Keyshia Cole since she made comments about Michelle Williams:
No I haven’t. Where would I see her? I actually talked to her sister…I don’t think we have personally anything in common. I really didn’t come for her….Now, it’s almost like she’s oblivious. Yo, her husband got arrested. It’s all about how you move in these streets. When you realize who you are, nobody can’t take that.
Her comments about Stevie Wonder boycotting Florida:
Me and my sarcastic ass tweets…You’re not keeping them from Florida and you’re not shutting down Disney World. Shouldn’t they have sent out an artist email? I didn’t even know if he had shows booked out there anyway. It’s like 30 other states (with Standing  Our Ground)….You don’t just ‘Imma get rid of this law…’
Check out the full interview below