After Being Insulted on Social Media, Ciara Teaches A Woman A Lesson On Cyber Bullying

ciara-blasts woman for cyber bullying-the jasmine brand

Looks like Ciara gave one of her twitter followers a taste of their own medicine.

This week, the ATL singer was fed up with her mentions, when she noticed someone on twitter making some not so nice comments about her on Instagram. Instead of ignoring said person, Ciara decided to take the spotlight and shine it on their colorful Instagram photo. She blasted the photo of a young lady on Instagram, writing:

Them Bangs? Seriously Them Bangs??:)… This Person Thinks It’s Cool 2 Talk About People All Day:) Not Cool!:)

And continued:

Kids. The Moral 2 The Story Is The Message Above.. Spend Less Time Bringing People Down, and Lift People Up. No 1 Likes When The Tables R Turned On Them? Spread Love

After having second thoughts about blasting baby-boo, Ci Ci had a change of heart:

Cyber Bullying Is Not Cool. Sometimes you want to go off when people say mean things about u, it’s like what’s the point? When u respond like them, it’s never good either. u give them too much shine, that’s exactly what they want. Best response is to pray for them and keep moving.

Was Ciara wrong for responding to negativity by poking fun at #theGirlWithTheBangs?

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