[WATCH] Full Fledge Twitter Beef Ignites Between Rihanna & Teyana Taylor

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Tuesdays usually have the potential to be a snooze-fest, but not today! This lovely afternoon, while you were at work, school or being fake busy, singers Rihanna and Teyana Taylor were at each other’s neck, using the social platform twitter of course. So what exactly went down? Last week, Taylor posted a video on Instagram of her singing Anita Baker’s ‘Rapture.’ Check it out below:

And this week, Rihanna posted a video of her hairstylist Yusef Williams mocking Taylor. How did we know? The snap-back and long curly black wig sorta-kinda hinted at it. Check the clip.

Now all seemed harmless, until Teyana caught wind of it. A twitter argument ensued, with all of us watching:

e-rihanna-teyana taylor twitter beef-screen grabs-the jasmine brand c-rihanna-teyana taylor twitter beef-screen grabs-the jasmine brand b-rihanna-teyana taylor twitter beef-screen grabs-the jasmine brand rihanna-teyana taylor twitter beef-screen grabs-the jasmine brand

Now where does this beef stem from? This all started in an interview with Complex (last August). The interviewer asked Teyana about being one of the first ones (as opposed to Rihanna and Rita Ora), to bring on the ‘street chic’ style. Teyana responded:

I do feel like I influence a lot of artists. But the way I look at it is not in a negative way. I love them. When I came in the game, it wasn’t okay to be a girl and wear sneakers and hats and streetwear. They called me gay. Now the tomboy thing, it’s sexy. Rihanna and Rita Ora are fly and sexy. I’m happy I was able to pave that way. I love seeing our artists dressed like that. You ain’t gay if you throw on sneakers and a hat. Nobody can take that away from me and say, “Oh, she didn’t start that trend.” They all know. I’ve always been about this life and mixing kicks with high fashion on some ghetto chic shit.

Interesting, right? Anywho, Teyana has since deleted a few of her tweets.

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 7.53.56 PM

P.S. Who was responsible for starting this round? Teyana or Rihanna? 

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta