Kanye West Explains Why He Brought A White Jesus On Stage: ‘That’s whats awesome about Christianity.’

Kanye West On Jesus With Wild 949

Kanye West is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. The rapper is constantly keeping his fans and enemies on their toes with everything he does. First he featured god on his album and then he brought Jesus on stage with him at his Seattle show over the weekend. This artistic decision left many confused and distraught with very little understanding as to why. However the newly engaged artist doesn’t concern himself with those who fail to understand his vision because he doesn’t do it for others. “There are only two things on my mind when I create: god and Jesus,” West told Wild 94.9 about the meaning behind his work. If you can handle his honesty (we tend to love it) press play to hear what Kanye told San Francisco’s music station about why he brought out Jesus and the Illuminati.

The Jasmine Brand Kanye West On Jesus With Wild 949

Why he brought Jesus Out: 

I had a friend of mine who was a pastor there and we discussed why we were going to do that. My girl even asked afterwards like is that weird if Jesus comes on stage. No he’s played all the time, people play Jesus.  What’s awesome about Christianity is we’re allowed to portray god. We’re allowed to draw image of him, we’re allowed to draw image of him. That’s what’s really awesome about Christianity.

 Kanye West On Illumanati With Wild 949

The message behind it:

One thing I really wanted to get across with that message is that you can have a relationship with Jesus that you can talk to Jesus. The same way someone would have Jesus is my homeboy that is the way I would express it and the way I create that you can have a relationship with Jesus and you can talk to him.

On people always thinking everything is the Illuminati with him:

He raps ‘They’ll confuse us with some bullsh*t like the New World Order / Meanwhile the DEA / Teamed up with the CCA/  They tryna lock n*ggas up / They tryna make new slaves / See that’s that private owned prison / Get your piece today / Prolly all in the Hamptons / Braggin’ ’bout their maid/ F*ck you and your Hampton house’…What it means is some of the distractions are working. They are distracting you talking about that’s the Illuminati does anybody know what the illuminati is supposed to be, what are you talking about?




Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta