Marlo Hampton Denies Trying to Upstage NeNe Leakes, Says People Should Stop Hating On Her

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Some love her. Some hate her. But most agree, she certainly keeps the show interesting. Whom are we referring to? The fashion forward reality star, Marlo Hampton. In addition to becoming a regular on the Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA), the reality star is also stirring up a bit of controversy on BRAVO’s I Dream of NeNe: the Wedding. What’s more? Off camera, there are rumors that she and NeNe were involved in a verbal spat, weeks ago, on RHOA. And while she’s not answering all the questions we’d love to hear about, she is giving a bit of insight while chatting with Egypt Sherrod on Atlanta radio station, V-103. Check out a few excerpts:

On how she gives back, via her community service program ‘Glam It Up Girls’: 

It’s called Glam It Up Girls. It’s all foster care girls between the age of 13-18  that’s in foster care. You know just letting them know the world is there. Doing activities once a month. We went to a Keri Hilson concert. We have glam it up events where they get their hair and nails done. Just all different kinds of activities.

On causing friction on ‘I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding’, by not wearing the appropriate dress for one of the bridesmaids events: 

Hindsight, I will say I could’ve worn the blue dress. But don’t come to me asking me to wear the dress the day before. You had already told me the week before something blue. I went and found that dress, had it altered, then you’re going to come the day before…can you wear this ugly shade of blue dress? They left the ugliest shade of blue for me.

 On why NeNe’s other bridesmaids seem to be against her: 

I have no idea.

If she’s trying to upstage NeNe: 

I would never do that to a friend. I’m just Marlo. And I mean it is what it is. And like this morning when I got up and got dressed, my friends were like, just be you. I’m like oh my God. She’s like, ‘Do your sequins!! Do you!!’ Didn’t you say that Heather? She’s sitting here. So no I’m not trying to upstage her at all. I don’t try to upstage anyone. I just do me. When I look in the mirror I wanna look good. When I walk out, it’s for me.

If she’s happy that Greg and NeNe have remarried: 

I’m super happy for that. Super happy. I wish nothing but the best for them.

On if she was in a physical altercation with NeNe, while filming for RHOA: 

None of that is real. I’m going to tell you this much. I definitely didn’t get into a fight with anyone, to where I was going to have a physical altercation. And I definitely didn’t see Nene bust no producer upside the head with a bottle.

What She Wants People To Know About Her: 

I mean come on you guys. You know there’s some editing. What you see is real but Marlo’s real. What you see is usually what you get. But the thing about Marlo, I’m just real. Stop hating and being upset and forming an opinion about me because of some damn clothes. I mean, you don’t even know my middle name. Just because of the way I dress, that’s intimidating you? Get on my team and maybe I could help you out sometime….So it’s like I just want people to realize I’m human. I’m human. I have feelings. I’m a great person, I’m a fun person, I’m an Aquarius. So, if I don’t get along with you, something’s wrong. And I mean, as black women, we need to stick together more and stop going against each other.

On why she isn’t an official housewife or cast mate: 

You know what, I have no idea. And I know one reason I’m not a housewife and then other people say well some of the other ladies are not housewives, but at least they have a fiancé. Kenya, you know had the fiancé. Everyone had that boyfriend/girlfriend, so you know I don’t know, but I’m having fun, so I don’t care what the title is. Just as long as I’m on there, I have a blast. I mean it has opened so many doors for me, me and these young ladies, and just being able to work with Bravo, it’s just an awesome network.

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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta