[VIDEO] ATL Housewife Porsha Williams Calls Wendy Williams Less Than A Woman

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NeNe Leakes isn’t the only Real Housewives Of Atlanta star unpleased with Wendy Williams.
Porsha Williams has some choice words for the talk show host. During a pit stop at Atlanta radio station V-103, the newly single (she and Kordell Stewart have officially divorced) singer responded to Wendy’s criticism of her, divorce and RHOA newbies Mynique and Chuck Smith. Check out a few excerpts below.
On being called ‘Stupid’ by Wendy Williams:

It’s just enough. It’s enough of women of power, women of color, not supporting each other. Like every time I see her say something about me, I’m disappointed in her. She’s calling me ‘less than smart’, she’s less than a woman. You shouldn’t do that. Ive been through a very traumatic situation that hurt me, all I’m trying to do is stand and be strong and possibly inspire somebody else and all she does is knock me down. But this is the same woman who said that I should’ve had a baby by my ex to get cash. Really? Never, never stoop that low. So for me, I have no thoughts on Wendy, at all. You know what, for her to have that type of platform that she has, she should use it better than she does. I’m disappointed in her. I’m not even going to really insult her and go too low but I’m just disappointed in a woman like her to do what she does every single day…Wendy never builds people up in a positive way, definitely not black women and for me, I feel like it’s low…its low and it’s just sad.

On if she has a friendship with newbie Mynique (the wife of Chuck Smith) after their verbal 
She tried me, but after we did that, we moved right on. Like we had that little whatever it was, and  we moved right on.
On taking marriage and “lifetime” seriously:
Well for sure! I didn’t file divorce on myself, he filed on me. I loved my husband, and I trusted him and I was devoted to him and I wanted to marry for a lifetime. So out of everybody in the world who wanted it to work, I definitely did and I definitely worked hard at trying to make that happen. But sometimes for some people its just not meant to be and the show had nothing to do with that. We enjoyed when we were on the show together and for us, he can be at home and think about it himself…he knows the truth and I know the truth.
Watch the full conversation below:


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta