[VIDEO] Angela Yee Explains Why She Declined Gig At Hot 97

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Radio host Angela Yee is sharing a valuable lesson that she’s learned in business. In short, don’t always make a decision based on popularity. Case in point, her decision to join Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, as opposed to Hot 97. Before becoming 1/3 of the popular morning show, Yee was offered a gig with their now competitor, Hot 97.


Hot 97’s Morning Show Circa 2013

In a recent interview with Page31TV, Yee explains why she declined the station.

It was a practical decision that I’m glad I made. When they offered me the job at Hot 97, I just didn’t like the whole way that it happened. Cipha [Sounds] and I used to work together at Sirius. He left to go to Hot 97 and he definitely wanted me to come with him. Before they even offered me the job, they told everybody in the building that I was coming to work there. They were pitching me for advertisers. Mind you, no one had spoken to me. No one had offered me a job. So my job is like, ‘Yo, are you leaving and going to Hot 97, ’cause that’s what we’re hearing?’ I’m like, ‘No. I haven’t even spoken to anybody over there. No one’s talked to me.’ So I think they just assumed no one ever turns down a job there. So, she’s gonna definitely going to take it. I came in there.

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She continued:

They offered me the job. I said, ‘Well, I need to think about it.’ And he was like, ‘You need to think about it? What do you need to think about?’ I’m like, ‘I need to think about the low money that you offered me because I make more than that at Sirius now.’ The fact that I wouldn’t be an equal on the show, that was one of my main things. It was Cipha Sounds and [Peter] Rosenberg. I said, ‘Am I gonna be equal to them?’ [They said] ‘No you’re not. Your name’s not even gonna be on the show.’ I was like, ‘Well, I have my own show right now. Why would I leave having my own show to come be on a show that I’m not even part of? I’m just an extra person and you’re paying me less money.’ Practically, it didn’t make sense to me, practicalitywise. That’s why I turned it down.

Yee shared a similar story, while on the now canceled reality show, The Gossip Game. The Breakfast Club begins on ReVolt TV, next Monday, while Hot 97 has landed their own reality show, This Is Hot 97, on VH1.

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The Breakfast Club With REVOLT’s Kenny Burns

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