Alexsandra Wright & Son Nixon Move Into Public Housing, Calls Mathew Knowles ‘Disgusting’

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Welcome Home!

Alexsandra Wright, the mother of Beyonce’s half brother and Mathew Knowles’ youngest child, has moved into public assistance. After her child support payments were reduced, Alexsandra claims that financially she was unable to care for her and her son, Nixon. In an interview with Inside Edition, she brings cameras into her new home.

When asked what the emotion is like, with her new move she says:

Incredible, incredible. You now what? I really am great for the challenge…I read what people say and I know what people say but I have done everything to provide for Nixon and am so grateful for Single Mother’s Outreach. And every mom and ever person that’s reached out and has provided a brand new home and secure location for us and through donations from Single Mother’s Outreach…we’re going to make it through just fine.

She does admit, in her one-on-one interview that she feels betrayed by Mathew revealing:

Yeah I mean that’s definitely something…and I gotta be honest. It’s gone beyond betrayal. This is