[EXCLUSIVE] Lebron James’ Alleged Father Loses Legal Battle For Millions From NBA Star

he was the father of Lebron believing that the NBA star looked too much like him to NOT be his son. He claimed Gloria threatened to have him harmed if he attempted to connect with Lebron. He says through his lawyers he did reach out and Lebron agreed to have a DNA test. The test showed he wasn’t the father but he accused Gloria of tampering with the test to make it seem like he was crazy. He sued Lebron and Gloria for 4 Million claiming fraud and defamation.

lebron james lawsuit from alleged father dismissed the jasmine brand

Lebron & Mother Gloria

However, the federal court judge threw out the lawsuit in 2011 claiming that Stovell failed to show any evidence that his reputation was damaged and that he can’t sue someone for love lost from not being apart of someone’s life.

Then back in May 2013,  Stovell filed an appeal of the judgement from the lower court. He wanted the Appeals Court to overturn the judgement and award him the millions he demanded.

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Leciester Bryce Stovell

theJasmineBRAND.com has learned exclusively that earlier this week he lost once again and was SHUT DOWN in his attempt to be awarded any money from Lebron and his mother. The appeal was dismissed on June 16th, due to Stovell not paying the court fees that he was required to do so to appeal the original judgement, which resulted in his case being dismissed yet again. Read the exclusive court documents.

Ironically, earlier this year, LeBron opened up about his absentee father in GQ sharing:

Like, ‘Wow, Dad, you know what, I don’t know you, I have no idea who you are, but because of you is part of the reason who I am today.’ The fuel that I use – you not being there – it’s part of the reason I grew up to become who I am. It’s part of the reason why I want to be hands-on with my endeavors. And to be able to put my guys that’s with me now in position. Like Maverick Carter, my right-hand guy in business. Rich Paul, my agent. Randy Mims, my friend – he’s my manager, you know. So me in a position allowing people around me to grow, that maybe wouldn’t have happened if I had two parents, two sisters, a dog, and a picket fence, you know? Because of you Pops! Thanks all along. Could have said why me with u not being there but look what I made of myself.

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