Awkward Much? Erykah Badu Attempts To Kiss News Anchor on Live TV

erykah badu prank tries to kiss news anchor the jasmine brand

erykah badu pulls prank tries to kiss tv news anchor the jasmine brand

Erykah Badu (real name Erykah Abi Wright) is quite the prankster. Recently, fans caught more of her comical side, while she attempted to pull a prank on live TV. TV news anchor, Mario Piaz, was wrapping up his news segment when Erykah Badu appeared behind his shot, wearing a large over sized hat. 

In the clip that’s now gone viral, Badu began motioning to the camera, walking back and forth in the shot, all while making a few entertaining hand gestures. The 43-year-old singer also jokingly attempts to kiss Diaz, but fails when he politely gives her his elbow/forearm. 

The clip landed on Vine and quickly began to circulate. Initially, Badu denied that it was her, but later confirmed by apologizing to Diaz.

Diaz appeared to be a good sport about her prank and posted lyrics from the Prince song “Kiss.” He also informed Badu that his wife and child were yards away when it all went down. “Next time I won’t do the NYC push back,” he replied.

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