[VIDEO] Brandy Explains Why She Lied to Oprah, How Kim Kardashian Came Into Ray J’s Life

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On the latest Oprah: Where Are They Now, Brandy talks about her 2002 wedding announcement on Oprah’s national talk show, which the singer later revealed was false. The 36-year-old candidly spoke about the pressure and need to feel perfect during her younger years in the industry. Oprah also questioned her about how Kim Kardashian became her friend which later led to her relationship with Brandy’s brother, Ray J. Brandy also revealed the worst moment of her life and the impact of Whitney Houston’s death. Check out the highlights of interview.


On Why She Lied to Oprah About Being Married to Her Daughter’s Father: 

Oprah: I asked you were you married at the time, and you said you were.

Brandy: I said that I was.

Oprah: Why did you say that?

Brandy: Because you know, at that time being pregnant out of wedlock was not a trend. It was not something people praised. It was a sin. And I felt that I could not be honest about it. I felt the pressure of having to be perfect. And I was scared. I thought that everything that I had worked hard for and everything thing I had work to build and the image I had worked so hard to build was threatened. And I felt like having a child out of wedlock…

Oprah: Would ruin that?