Brawl Pops Off Between Ray J’s Girlfriend Princess & Morgan Hardman, During Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion [VIDEO]

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What’s a Love & Hip Hop reunion show without a bloody brawl?

As previously reported, this week, the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast took their reality TV talents to New York to film the reunion show. And if you know anything about Love & Hip Hop reunion shows, you’re well aware that at least one fight is predicted to pop-off.

According to a number of sources and telling Instagram messages, a physical fight took place between Ray J’s girlfriend, Princess and Ray J’s former assistant, Morgan Hardman.

What triggered the alleged altercation? In short, Princess wasn’t a fan of Morgan saying negative things about Ray J.

Ray J Assistant-Morgan Hardman-Says Singer Physically Attacked Beat Her-the Jasmine Brand

While the show has aired, Morgan has posted claims that Ray J was physically abusive toward here. She also noted on Instagram that Ray was responsible for having her son removed from his little league basketball team.

Apparently, all this and more was discussed during the reunion show and things got so heated. We have conflicted reports as to what actually ‘won’ the fight, but we’re told it resulted in Morgan being injured. We’re told Princess initiated the altercation.

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Morgan has posted an Instagram photo of her, with a bandaged hand. Ouch! TMZ posted a story about the brawl, reporting that Princess knocked Morgan out. In response to this report, Morgan wrote on Instagram: