[NEW MUSIC] Mary J. Blige ‘Whole Damn Year’

mary j blige-whole damn year-the jasmine brand

Has a break-up ever taken you longer to get over than it should? Chances are, ’til this day you still may be feeling the remnants of a relationship gone wrong. Mary J. Blige sings of exactly this in her new track, Whole Damn Year.

The single, which will be featured on her upcoming album The London Sessions, shares a vulnerable Blige.

Tryna find a way to explain this
Why you can’t touch me tonight?
I can feel you’re getting impatient
But I really can’t let you inside
Bad, how deep the pain is
Or you just couldn’t believe
And yes I’m good on the surface
But I’m a mess, I’m a mess underneath
See winter took most of my heart
And Spring punched right in the stomach
Summer came looking for blood
And by autumn, I was left with nothing

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