Sommore Says Sheryl Underwood Has Ulterior Motives: I don’t rock with her like that…I’m not phony. [VIDEO]

Comedian Sommore-Addresses Sheryl Underwood Beef-the jasmine brand

Sommore is speaking out publicly for the first, about the drama surrounding Sheryl Underwood and the Queens of Comedy debacle. Without rehashing the ENTIRE situation, Sheryl recalled overhearing a conversation where comedians were speaking about her in a negative light. She shared the story on her talk show, The Talk.

During her visit on The Breakfast Club, Sommore shared her side of how the situation happened. And as expected, it differs from Sheryl’s version. She explains to listeners:

The thing about it is, I’m a chandelier. I always call myself a chandelier. I don’t hate on nobody, I don’t compare myself to nobody, I don’t compete with nobody else. I just try to be the best me I can be…Miss Underwood was never considered to be a Queen of Comedy. Never. What she was talking about, the project that we were discussing, about going into prisons and doing comedy…And she overheard, a conversation about us…When an agent is going in to talk about their client, they don’t bring their client with them cuz some things that are said might not sound good to them. So that’s what basically happened.

Sommore says what bothered her most about Sheryl’s comments is that weeks before, she saw Sheryl. According to Sommore, she was overly friendly and even asked her to come up on stage, while she was performing. She recalls:

And the thing that bothered me about it, was that I seen her about two weeks before she said this on television. And