Sommore Says Sheryl Underwood Has Ulterior Motives: I don’t rock with her like that…I’m not phony. [VIDEO]

we were at Steve Harvey’s Hoodie Awards, and she did this skit where she called up all the comedians on stage and she was calling me and all the people that was there they can attest to this. She kept saying ‘Sommore come on up on stage’. And I didn’t go. Cuz first of all, I don’t rock with her like that. And one thing I’m not, I’m not phony….I just didn’t move.

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She continues:

It’s not that I don’t like her, I’m cordial to her. I just don’t rock with her. Meaning I’m not about to come up part of your skit–for what? So what was crazy was, if you felt that way, about me that I wronged you, why would you — see I don’t like people that have ulterior motives…I felt like you’re on TV every single day and you ran out of stuff to talk about…I didn’t even recall the conversation…

Watch the full interview.

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