(EXCLUSIVE) Fat Joe: I Don’t Owe Big Pun’s Widow Any Money! Rapper Wants $1 Mill Lawsuit Dismissed

She also is unpleased that Joe would release posthumous albums following Big Pun’s death. She filed suit demanding more than a million dollars from the rapper.

Then on November 11th, Fat Joe responded to the legal battle by Big Pun’s widow. He admits that he did at one point have an agreement with Pun but says that he cannot say if the agreement the widow is referring to is valid because she didn’t attach any contracts. Joe says the agreement he had with Pun has long expired and he no longer is obligated to pay anyone under the terms of the original deal.

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Joe also says he has not paid Rios since 2000 because she isn’t owed any money from her late husband’s music. He also says he had nothing to do with the posthumous album released with Pun’s music.

The rapper says that the the statue of limitations has past for Rios to even bring such claims against him.

Fat Joe-Lawsuit Big Pun Wife-the jasmine brand

Further, the money Rios claims Pun’s music racked in since his death is subject to re-coupment, debts, advances, set-offs & other expenses. Fat Joe is demanding the lawsuit be dismissed and Big Pun’s widow receive nothing from her lawsuit. See the court docs. 

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