Lawyer, Up! Deion Sanders Sues Ex-Wife for $200,000

Sanders says he has asked his ex to cease and desist, but she has not, and he believes it will continue. He seeks an injunction and punitive damages for defamation.

Last month, Pilar posted an online Youtube recording of what appeared to be their young daughter telling her mother that Deion kicked and choked their son.

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[FYI: Last year, Deion won sole custody of their two sons — Shilo, 14, and Shedeur, 12 — and daughter Shelomi, 10, in a child custody battle.]

Pilar tweeted a link to the recording she apparently made of two of her children talking about their father’s alleged physical abuse. The clip also included audio clip of Shedeur saying: “Daddy told me and Shilo that if we chose him we can go over to your house whenever we want.”

The video clip has since been removed from YouTube. Accusations of physical and emotional abuse, along with bad parenting have flown back and forth between the two since their separation.

[Courthouse News]

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