Beyonce Celebrates Jay Z’s 45th Birthday in Iceland

We hear they also plan totake a helicopter over the Holuhraun eruption, a volcano that has been active since this past August.


Kelly rowland-Mother Dies-the jasmine brand

While birthdays are usually a celebratory occasion, there are unconfirmed reports that Bey is having a challenging time, due to the death of Kelly Rowland’s mother. The couple arrived to Iceland on Monday and as previously reported, on Tuesday, Kelly’s mother, Doris Rowland Garrison, suddenly passed.

A source (Juliana Oharah, whose uncle was hired as Beyonce and Jay Z’s private helicopter pilot) tells Radar Online that Beyonce was somber during one of their helicopter excursions:

Beyonce was upset. So she was sad on the helicopter.

The source added that “Jay told her she should console [Kelly] and forget his party” after learning about Kelly’s mother. The source says that “The family of the deceased told her not to bother coming home”.

Nonetheless, reportedly, Jay rung in his actual birthday with his wife, daughter Blue Ivy and close friends and family. Radar Online reports:

Oharah said there was heavy security the Trophy Lodge to ensure the couple and their jet-setting friends, who arrived in exotic cars, could share the special night in private.

“Bey and Jay slow danced to ‘Let’s Stay Together’ by Al Green,” said Oharah.

And when the festivities came to an end Friday, it was back to business for the celebrity super couple.

“Jay Z, Beyonce, Blue and her nanny went in one plane to California,” she said, adding that some of their friends stayed behind to take in the Icelandic sights.

But they didn’t leave without a fond farewell: Oharah said Jay Z left a 2000 Euro tip for the helicopter pilot. That’s more than $2400.

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