Mike Epps Throws Insults At Chris Rock: He’s not a movie star! [VIDEO]


Aww man that show’s incredible. Oh yeah, I like it.  I can’t believe it’s on regular TV. But hey man they let them do it so why can’t we do it.

He jokes about comedian Gary Owen and why everyone adds an S to the end of his name:

We got a white guy rollin’ with us now. A white, black guy. He’s a master hanging with the slaves now. You gotta put that S on the back of it.”

Thoughts on Chris Rock and his recent movie Top Five:

I don’t know how they call it “Top Five” and it wasn’t one good comedian in there. I don’t know why they keep giving Chris Rock movie opportunities. He’s not a movie star. He’s a good stand up and a good meerkat. These white people, they’re blind. They keep giving the wrong black guy opportunities.

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On the importance of the Richard Pryor film:

I want to tell the world the Richard Pryor movie will be just as big as Selma, and any other Black History movie that you’ve ever seen because Richard Pryor had…just as strong of an effect as Martin Luther King with black people. This dude was talking about race. He was talking about cops jumping on black people back in the day before it even happened.

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