Kevin McCall Apologizes to Wale For Insulting Him Over Eva Marcille: That was weak on my part.

kevin mccall-wale has herpes-eva marcille-the jasmine brand

Kevin McCall issued an Instagram apology to Wale, after saying some not-so-nice things about the rapper. Allegedly, what triggered the incident is Eva Marcille, who is Kevin’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his youngest daughter.

kevin mccall-eva marcille-the jasmine brand

Apparently, Eva left a flirty kiss-face under Wale’s photo. When a person commented that Kevin was jealous, Kevin commented:

I will NEVER be jealous of another Man. Especially a man with herpes … Drops mic.

He also goes on to say that if anyone has any issues with his comment, they are more than welcome to see him in person. See the full message on the next page.