Michael Ealy Calls Fatherhood ‘The Best Gift Ever’ [VIDEO]

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Actor Michael Ealy has starred in many projects, usually as the good guy or the handsome romantic interest, but his latest television appearance dares to be different. Ealy is the newest villan on Fox’s “The Following.”

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Despite his scary new on-camera personality, the 41-year-old handsome gent maintains a humble, quiet and handsome demeanor in real life — even as a new father.

This week, Ealy stopped by the Wendy Williams Show to talk about his family, during which he dished on adjusting to fatherhood and pushing the boundaries of his acting career. Peep a few excerpts.

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Being a father:

It’s the best gift ever. The hardest thing is actually being away from him, you know what I mean, when I have to work. Like I was home this weekend and he discovered the word “no” and “mine!

Why he is so private with his personal life:


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