Mack Wilds On New Music, ‘Empire’ Speculation & Why ‘The Wire’ Was One of the Best Shows Ever Created [VIDEO]


Mack Wilds

Mack Wilds

Mack Wilds (real name Tristan Paul Mack Wilds) best known from his roles in The Wire, 90210 and the movie Red Tails stopped by STASHED to discuss his growing music and acting career. The 25-year-old opens up about the pressure put on him with releasing his new music and whether or not he thinks he’ll top his debut album’s, New York: A Love Story success (which garnered a Grammy nod). He also clears up talk about if he will ever join the cast of Empire and how The Wire was one of the greatest show ever created. Peep a few excerpts.

His music and the new album:

Yeah, me and Salaam, kinda put together an idea or whatever, to try to implement something different, ya know giving people more of an experience than an album. Instead of just hitting someone with the album, I’m giving them doses of music throughout the year that’s gonna supplement the time of where they are at that moment. The first joint is dropping next month or so and then from there on I guess we’re gonna drop them whenever we feel like it. I think on this album, I’m starting to find myself a little bit more, not necessarily throwback or anything like that. You remember how Kanye was calling himself “backpacker hiphop”, my stuff is backpacker R&B, I’m that feeling, that hardcore grit that a lot of the R&B artist have now, but more soulful side because of the samples and the things that we remember and it touches a certain part of us.

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Where R&B is at this time:

There’s a part of that, there’s so many different, I guess the generation that we’re in now, it’s not the, we’re not in the, we’re not in the romantic age anymore, ya know there’s a different type of love that goes around now, but do I think love songs are out of style, nah cuz you still need something to play when you’re tryna get in the mood, you still need those joints that play that touch ya girl right there that says the words that you don’t even have to say. So, I definitely don’t think that it’s out of style, I think that they’re far and few, but I don’t think it’s out of style.


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