NFL’er Philip Wheeler’s Girlfriend Criticized After Posting Breastfeeding Photo on Instagram

Do you find this photo offensive?

It’s a photo of model Ashley Nicole, the girlfriend and baby mama of Miami Dolphins player Philip Wheeler, breastfeeding her son. A few weeks ago, she posted the photo above on her Instagram with the caption

Was on the way out the door but then mommy duty called… Everything stops for him! ???? #breastisbest #natureisbeautiful  #IWasMadeForThis

So, what’s the fuss about? Well, apparently she received lots of backlash for posting the photo.

Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 12.52.24 AM

Ashley, Son, Philip

Her boyfriend, Philip, has jumped to her defense, telling TMZ :

I wish everybody would just leave it alone…She’s a model. She takes pictures for a living.

The NFL’er also noted that Gisele posted a breast-feeding pic back in December and did not receive much back lash.

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In fact, she was praised for it and he doesn’t understand why folks’ reaction to Ashley’s isn’t the same. Meanwhile, Ashley has no plans to remove the photo and seems to be receiving lots of support from the breastfeeding community. She recently wrote on Instagram:

I’m so flattered by all the love I’m still receiving from the BF community!!! I appreciate you all!!  I see all of your kind comments and I am happy to be an advocate for all the proud breastfeeding mothers. I hope that one day people will understand that there is no shame in feeding your child the way God intended for us to. Again, I can’t thank you all enough for your love and words of encouragement!

Anywho, what are your thoughts? Are breastfeeding photos too much for Instagram or natural? 

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