(EXCLUSIVE) Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman Alleged Mistress Speaks Out, Detailing Affair

(EXCLUSIVE) Boyz II Men's Shawn Stockman Alleged Mistress Speaks Out, Detailing Affair

Shawn Stockman

Shawn Stockman’s Alleged Mistress Speaks Out

theJasmineBRAND.com received the following tip from a woman who claims she had an alleged relationship with Boyz II Men singer Shawn Stockman, who is married. Last month, Shawn publicly apologized to his wife for cheating (click here for his confession, which he later deleted). Here’s his video.

Read the woman’s exclusive message to us below.

I know this is old news at this point, & judging by the comments alone we’ve gathered that “nobody is checkin for Shawn Stockman”. However, as much as I’ve tried to stay quiet, & be dignified throughout this entire situation, it’s been truly disheartening to see this man admit half assed to his cheating. Having been in a FULL BLOWN relationship with this man for some time, it’s really difficult to sit back & watch him only half admit to what he’s done. Now, because I know him personally, & know him WELL, I know that he has the victim role mastered perfectly. I can only imagine what he’s further lied to his wife about. As I mentioned, I was in a COMMITTED relationship with him for quite some time. This wasn’t some accidental slip up & “oops I cheated & regretted it”. It was all very calculated & planned out, on his part. What so many don’t know about him, including his wife, is that he seeks women out. Cultivates relationships. Convinces us that this is all part of some “higher plan” & Gods will. Am I an idiot for believing in him? Absolutely. Would I laugh my ass off at someone in a situation like this before I was in it? Yes. Did I love him wholeheartedly, trust & not judge him? I did. I protected him. He meant the world to me. It wasn’t until I started to realize that he himself doesn’t believe these things that it started to affect my spirit. The REAL truth & what I was involved in weighed on me heavily. He only uses God as an excuse to cheat, & make u feel like it’s ok. I truly believed for a long time that he was paving a way for this “truth” to be a reality. The truth being him having multiple relationships, in addition to his marriage. But how does that work if his wife isn’t on board? How is that Gods will without her, the most important woman knowing a thing? I know now that I was also playing myself. Making myself believe in him, so that I too could justify my part in this. Loving a man who belonged to someone else. Yes, he is an Israelite, but where is it written that he can do this without his real wife knowing? But I wanted so bad to believe in him, so I went along with it. Trusted that what we were doing, together, was going to eventually be ok. This wasn’t a relationship based on anything material, contrary to what so many assume. There was no being financially taken care of. There was FRIENDSHIP. Trust. Loyalty. Intimacy, on many levels. There was daily communication, seeing eachother regularly, & real LOVE(so I thought) involved. I know so much about his personal life. His family. His kids. He was my best friend, at a time. I have countless things to prove my time spent with him, & the intensity of the relationship. It’s been devastating to see him handle it as such, once he got caught. Yes, i understand the one true victim here is his wife. Before anyone. But what he does, & will continue to do, once this gets swept under the rug too, isn’t ok. He ruins lives. Breaks spirits, then plays the victim. So for him to throw out there that he was messing with people “he should’ve never dealt with” is disgusting. He found me. He came into MY life asking for my LOVE & commitment, not SEX. When I finally woke up & realized that this “truth” never really existed, & never would, the grief of doing to his wife what we’d done secretly for so long, became so much to bear, that I tried to take my life. Pathetic, I know. I couldn’t cope with the confusion & everything that came with it. The guilt. He knows this. I don’t expect pity from this, in ANY way. I understand that I too will be viewed as a monster, & that’s ok. I am a woman who believes in God. One who never should have convinced myself it was ok to get involved with him in the first place. I will never act like or say I didn’t/don’t love him. I loved him with everything in me. Any time I would bring up that this didn’t make sense, it turned into him being the victim. “I didn’t believe in him”, “I was gonna leave him like everyone else” etc. who wants to leave the man they love like that? He needed me, right? While I’ll never be sure of who put him on blast this time around, or why HE went public with it, I will say that I REFUSE to let him act as though he didn’t put real work into this relationship, & the several others he had. Daily. From the secret apps he uses so she won’t know, to the secret phone he has that his friend carries for him until he goes on the road, to the good ‘ol “name your chicks as men in your phone in case wifeys looking”. While his wife is home taking care of the kids, one who needs xtra care, sometimes having breakdowns of her own, he is laid up with someone else. Many times it was me. Sitting quiet next to him while he called home & eased her mind that he was all alone. It isn’t right. I won’t justify my role in it. I was just as guilty. But I won’t allow him to act as though myself, or any others involved, past or present, are crazy, or delusional or just some jump off he was fucking. So for all you people out there who feel sorry for him, & think that the women he’s been with are “whores”,”home wreckers” etc, I will never expect u to understand, but I will not sit quiet & allow my friends & family to think that’s what or who I am, based on his wack ass statement or “apology” to the public. I will forever be sorry to Sharhonda & her children for the part that I played. I loved him too, & I know why she does. I truly hope that he can be the husband that she deserves moving forward. Whether he can be open about his other relationships with her, or just stop doing it all together.

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