Wendy Williams On Her Disappointment in Nicki Minaj, Why She Doesn’t Gossip With Friends & Her New Show

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Wendy Williams is one busy woman. From hosting her own daytime television show, The Wendy Williams Show, headlining her comedy tour and now she’s hosting and narrating a new and exciting TV documentary series titled, Death by Gossip.

The new series is slated to premiere Friday, September 4th on the Investigation Discovery (ID) Channel and will focus on stories that ended in murder due to vicious rumors and gossip. The show also features stories on how gossip has helped capture the murders and solve homicides.

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The gossip queen is the perfect candidate to host the show and this week, she stopped by HuffPost Live, to discuss her new show, what she doesn’t do with her friends and of course to give her thoughts on the latest feud between Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj.

“I love sharing these stories with people. I think these stories are more interesting than celebrity stories because these stories speak to Jane and John Doe, Mainstream USA.” Williams explained during the interview. “The high school principal is always messing around with the teacher. Well, not always but it’s not unusual.”


Authored by: Kellie Williams