Katt Williams Talks Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter & Why Kim Davis Doesn’t Belong in Jail

Katt Williams

Katt Williams

Actor and comedian Katt Williams is famous for his hilarious roles on the big screen but during his comedic sets and often in real life, he is not a man who bites his tongue. In the same fashion, Williams recently chatted with The Hollywood Reporter to frankly discuss many controversial events and his upcoming “Conspiracy Theory” tour. Williams, known for his animated quick wit and extremely unique vocal delivery on-screen and in his stand-up routines, gave his unadulterated and direct opinions when asked about folk like Donald Trump and Kim Davis, along with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Donald Trump:

The only thing that could trump [Barack Obama’s] type of cool would be deep pockets. It makes perfect sense. That’s what America is saying. They didn’t say that they wanted Trump. They said they wanted somebody who could not be bought off in a situation for peanuts. They said they wanted somebody who has an allegiance to something other than the current political system.

Kim Davis (the recently freed Kentucky municipal court clerk who refused to give marriage licenses to same-sex couples):

We’re conflicted on the Kim Davis case. Who’s a hero? Who’s a victim? [Gay people] are supposed to get their rights and they’re supposed to get this and this person believes this and they shouldn’t have to alter their rights.

If Kim Davis belongs in jail:

No non-criminals belong in jail.


Authored by: Kellie Williams