Mack Wilds On Being Compared to Drake, Rumors He’s Dating Sevyn Streeter: ‘She’s a dope woman.’

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Mack Wilds stopped by The Wendy Williams Show and dished on what it was like co-starring with Adele in her music video for her hit single, “Hello.” He also opens up about his dating life and comparisons to the singer, Drake. Mack admitted to Wendy he didn’t audition for “Hello” and he never met Adele before they shot the record breaking video. Mack explained,

The director, Xavier Dolan is a big fan of mine and me being a fan of his, called me and said I need the right person to portray the emotion I want this to be. It’s not a music video, it’s a movie and he called up the right person I guess!

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He also spoke very highly about working with Adele,

Her energy is so massive and so welcoming. She’s just an amazing woman.

While Mack is single at the moment, but he did admit to being in love in the past.

Yes, definitely.


Authored by: Kellie Williams