(EXCLUSIVE) Love & Hip Hop’s Bianca – Ex-Manager Sues VH1 & Producers for 2 Mill + Demands Rapper Be Cut From All Future Episodes


Bianca Bonnie

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Love & Hip Hop: New York star Bianca Bonnie’s ex-manager has slapped VH1 and the producers with a federal lawsuit demanding they cease using the rapper in any future episodes or use any of her music in the season and wants 2 million + in damages for his ex-client being a star on the hit show.

Last year, the rapper (who formerly went by Young B) filed suit against her ex-manager Arthur Smith in New York Court. The 24-year-old, who was known for her 2006 hit Chicken Noodle Soup, explained that she signed a deal with Smith’s label Scilla Hill back in 2006. The contract stated the company had the exclusive rights to the rapper’s name and likeness.

Biance with manager & cast mate, Yandy Smith

Biance with manager & cast mate, Yandy Smith

Bianca said that the case arose due to her former manager trying to extort her by threatening to sue Love & Hip Hop producers along with VH1 if she appeared on the show – unless he was paid 50% of her checks.

She says she began shooting April 2015 and the season premiered last month. Further, she informed the court that the producers informed her if she doesn’t settle with her ex-manager then she will be cut.

The rapper accused Smith of attempting to muscle his way back into her career by attempting to enforce a provision in the expired record deal.



She says that Smith never performed ANY of his required obligations per their deal. During their time together no demos were recorded and nothing was shopped to distributors. Despite him never advancing her career she agreed to pay him the 50% of the reality show money so she wouldn’t lose to opportunity to appear on the highly rated VH1 show. However, the former manager still is attempting to get her kicked off even though she agreed to his terms.

Bianca filed suit demanding the court order the original contract is indeed void and unenforceable and allow her to resume filming for Love & Hip Hop.

Bianca, producer Mona Scott-Young, Yandy Smith

Bianca, producer Mona Scott-Young, Yandy Smith

Then on January 20th, the ex-manager and his label filed a federal lawsuit against Viacom Media Network, VH1 and the producers of L&HH.

Smith explains that VH1 is profiting off Bianca despite a legally binding agreement between his company and the rapper. He says that the show is one of the top grossing reality shows in no small part to the popularity of Bianca.

He blasts the rapper’s claim she was fraudulently induced into signing the original deal, explaining she had to get it approved by her mother and lawyer before it was finalized. The manager is adamant the deal is still enforceable and the rapper actually owes them a full length album still under the terms.

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The man accuses VH1 of having Bianca file the lawsuit against him so she could continue filming. He explains the producers contacted him after she was booked on the show. They wanted to have a storyline featuring him and the dispute between the two and they would pay him.

The producers also wanted permission to use Bianca’s music on the show. The manager never gave them permission but they used it anyways, along with having her appear in 4 episodes of the new season. He also accuses the producers of poisoning his relationship with Bianca.

Smith filed suit demanding in excess of 2 million dollars along with an order prohibiting Bianca from continuing to appear on the show or have any of her music featured in episodes.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams