Radio Personality Angie Martinez Engaged!

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Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez is off the market! The popular New York city radio personality recently shared the news during an interview with Latina, while promoting the film, ‘How to be Single.’ Peep a few excerpts from her interview.


The best thing about being a single lady: 

Angie Martinez: I have to tell you something. I’m not single anymore and it’s fairly new but I was single for a long time in NYC. Well, I think the thing about being single is that there are other single women too. So there is a bonding that happens with other single women – there is certain support that you get from other single women and honestly, you don’t need a man to be happy. You could be perfectly happy in your life and great relationships and friendships and fun. If you’re young and you’re still exploring the world, you kind of should be single, so you could figure out who you are all the way first and mess up every now and then and do dumb things. But especially in this city, it’s such a fun city to be single in and you don’t have anyone to answer to.

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The worst thing about being single: 

AM: The worst thing about being single, is when you have to go to weddings or go to events where everyone is matched up with somebody else and they give you that look like ‘are you ever going to have a date?’ that kind of sucks or just in those moments where everybody has a lonely moment where it’s kind of like, your girlfriends don’t really cut it. But those are just moments; it doesn’t mean your life cannot be happy.

The craziest date she’s been on: 

AM: Oh gosh. One time I went to the movies with this guy and when we were walking in, the lady said to him something about kids – so I was like, “what did she say?” and he was like “nothing, nothing.” “No no, what did she say?” “Well I bought children seats because they’re less expensive.” Me and my girlfriends to this day, refer to him as “two children seats” if we see him anywhere like, “oh look, it’s two children seats,” we call him that. That was our first and last date. It was pretty bad and I’ll be honest with you, it wasn’t that long ago.

Angela Yee, Chris Brown, Angie Martinez

Angela Yee, Chris Brown, Angie Martinez

Tips for being single: 

AM: Just to have great friends – great girlfriends, great network of people to hold you down and to share life with and experience all of the city has to offer. You don’t necessarily need a man for that; you just need people who you enjoy being around for that. I just say, pick your friends wisely.

Click here for the full interview. Latina via XONecole

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