Lavar Ball Thinks Bronny James Should Forgo College & Play Overseas Until He’s Eligible For The NBA Draft

Lavar Ball Thinks Bronny James Should Forgo College & Play Overseas Until He’s Eligible For The NBA Draft

Infamous sports dad Lavar Ball recently shared his thoughts about Bronny James‘ future.

According to reports, the Big Baller Brand CEO believes the young hooper should not attend college, but instead play basketball in Australia until he’s NBA eligible.

LaVar Ball

As we previously reported, the son of Lakers super star Lebron James played his final basketball game at Sierra Canyon high school earlier this month. Many eager colleges and professional sports teams have awaited Bronny James‘ decision on if he will attend a university next year or go straight into playing professionally for a smaller league.

Lavar Ball, who successfully guided 2 of his 3 sons into active NBA careers (LaMelo Ball plays for the Charlotte Hornets and Lonzo Ball for the Chicago Bulls), recently shared his thoughts on what the eldest James son should do. Reportedly, Ball feels Bronny’s family history and unknown future in the sport will draw both fans and critics, and thus should dive right into a professional career overseas. He reportedly stated:

“People wanna see, he gonna fill the gym up,”


“Two things gonna happen. When you’re young, and you like that, and your dad is where he’s at…lot of people going to come to the gym and say, ‘He ain’t like that for real.’ The other half is going to want to support him. So the gym is going to fill up.”

The NBA reportedly requires athletes to be 19 to enter the NBA draft and be 1 year removed from high school, leaving a gap year open for Bronny to decide how it should be filled. Previously, Lebron and his wife Savannah expressed that their son plans to attend college. However, Bronny has not confirmed his intentions at this time.

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Reportedly, Ball also highlighted Bronny’s ability to focus on growing his skills and earn money instead of trying to balance school. The athlete currently has an NIL with Beats by Dre and Nike, and was one of the first high school student’s ever to do so. Should he chose to sign a deal with an overseas team, similar to LaMelo Ball who played in Australia during his gap year, Bronny’s potential income could certain sky rocket. There is currently no word on when he’s expected to make a decision.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson