Ne-Yo Releases ‘Two’ [New Music]

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This week, NE-YO created a new unauthorized Soundcloud channel and release his new single “Two”, a special melody which he secretly debuted upon serenading his wife with during their private wedding ceremony. Here’s what NE-YO had to say about the song upon release:

This is my new Soundcloud where I will be posting music regularly… Starting NOW! Let’s set it off slow and heartfelt. This song is called “Two”. It expresses a love that makes you feel like the only two people on the planet, the only two opinions, the only two ideas, the only two hearts and mind. I hope you all find a love like this one day… This is the song I attempted to sing to my wife on our wedding day. If you saw the video, you know it didn’t go well. LOL. Emotions and all that. This is a song that expresses a love that makes the opinion of others mean even LESS than they actually do. For in TRUE love the only opinions that matter….are “TWO.”

Listen to it below.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams