Eddie Murphy Explains Why He Won’t Change Diapers, Shoots Down ‘Beverly Hills Cop’: I don’t want to do a sh*tty movie.

Eddie Murphy & girlfriend/baby mama Paige Butcher

Eddie Murphy & girlfriend/baby mama Paige Butcher

Actor Eddie Murphy is back on the big screen in his first leading role in four years and getting candid about his career and personal life. Eddie is taking on the role of fatherhood again for the ninth time after welcoming a baby girl named Izzy with his model girlfriend Paige Butcher. He gushed,

She’s doing wonderfully.

He added,

she started sleeping through the night.

The actor admitted he’s not changing any diapers though,

You know, I’m not a good… I don’t change diapers… ’cause I would be horrible at it and that’s not fair to the child.

Eddie is proving he is a great dad, coming together with his ex-wife Nicole to support daughter Bria at the premiere of her movie, “Amateur Night.”

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Eddie Murphy with girlfriend Paige Butcher, ex Nicole Murphy and daughters

The comedian shared,

Everybody’s really cool with each other and it’s all love all the way around everybody gets along that’s a good thing.

He added,

 it’s a love fest at the house.

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Murphy also addressed the rumors surrounding another “Beverly Hills Cop” movie, the billion-dollar franchise that Eddie starred in. He explained why he’s not ready to star in the next chapter.

You know they’ve been trying for years to get a Beverly Hills cop together and haven’t been able to get that right one. I don’t want to do it unless its right… I had a couple of times when they’ve been like, “hey let’s do it,” and you know it wasn’t right, but they’ll do it anyways because the title of it, there’s an expectation and people might come out to see it no matter what it is but I don’t want to… I’ve done my share of shitty movies and I don’t want to do a shitty movie and then take a big long break and then take a break and come back with a bullsh*t movie.

As for his new movie, “Mr. Church,” the 55-year-old is playing a compassionate cook who becomes the rock for a young girl and her dying mother. He explained,

I wanted to do something that I hadn’t done before was totally uncharted waters for me as an actor. I usually do comedies trying to be funny I’ve never been offered anything that was, that had this type of emotional stuff going on this subject matter.

“Mr. Church” is in theaters September 16th.

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