(EXCLUSIVE) Kid Cudi’s Baby Mama Fears For Her Life, Judge Grants Order of Protection

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Kid Cudi (real name Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi) has been ordered to stay away from his baby mama and cease from sending threatening messages to her in regards to their daughter. Cudi’s baby mama accused him of causing her emotional distress and anxiety over the past 2 years and at one point he even demanded she stop letting their daughter hang out with white people.

Back in 2010, the rapper was sued by his baby mama Jacqueline Munyasya over custody and support of their then-newborn daughter.

The legal battle went on for over a year. The rapper claimed he had been paying Jacqueline generous support and had even bought a home in Chicago to be closer to his daughter. She responded, claiming the support was sporadic and inconsistent and accused him of being an absentee dad.

The baby mama brought up in court that Cudi had violent tendencies and a long history of consistent drug and alcohol abuse.

Cudi gave up his fight for joint custody and his baby mama was awarded primary physical custody and the rapper was to pay child support.

There had been no action in the case for years until recently when Jacqueline returned to court demanding the judge grant her an order of protection against the rapper and filed an emergency motion in the case. She explained,

over the last two years, Scott has increasingly sent threatening and harassing messages to me, which are causing me extreme emotional distress and anxiety.

Cudi allegedly texted her in excess of 168 messages – between August 11th and 14th – in which he threatened to call child services on her and that he was going to “send the guy to stand by my house” and that she was “so gross and sick n the head” and “ain’t sh*t” and he was going to serve her with legal papers because he was seeking sole custody of their daughter.

Cudi & his daughter

Cudi & his daughter

She says not knowing whether he was in Chicago for work, she feared for her safety. She alleges that he continued to sent text messages, which caused her to reschedule her final exams for school due to the stress and distraction caused by his threats.

Jacqueline says the rapper demanded parenting time with their daughter during time that she already informed him she would be spending with their child. She claims despite him being in Chicago for Lollapalooza, he never contacted her to see their child.

She says that he also threatened to go to the news and contact outlets and even threatened that he would create a Twitter hashtag “Justice for Vada” (his daughter’s name) and would blast it on social media for months and even make t-shirts. She explains his previous negative tweets about her have caused his millions of fans to suggest violence against her.

She accuses him of threatening her for no reason and says he berates and mocks her. He sent messages calling her a “fat f*ck” “*sshole” and told her

U better take my threats seriously *sshole.

Cudi also demanded that his daughter not have any photos taken unless she was onstage at his concert. Further, when she went to her father’s funeral in Ohio, he sent a series of messages about Vada having played Pokeman with her older cousin to which he said “Vada “hanging around a bunch of white people is not what I want either” and “Vada don’t look like anyone in your family”.

She told him the messages were insensitive and hurtful, to which he called her too sensitive. Jacqueline accuses the rapper of not even exercising his parenting time and when he does, he doesn’t follow the court order.

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi

The judge came back with his decision and granted Jacqueline an order or protection against Cudi which will stay in effect until August 18th 2017.

The order states Cudi is to stay away from his baby mama and not communicate with her via text, email or phone calls or communication through third parties.

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Authored by: TJB Writer