[VIDEO] T.I. Explains How He Ended Ongoing Feud Between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy


Rapper, actor, peacemaker? Looks like T.I. had a key role in squashing the ongoing beef between Young Jeezy and Rick Ross. If you remember, the pair had collaborated on several songs together until Ross releases B.M.F. (Blowing Money Fast) a tribute to drug dealer Big Meech and his crew in the summer of 2010. Later that month, Young Jeezy released a song with Big Meech dissing Rick Ross stating,

How you blowing money fast, you don’t know the crew? Oh you part of the fan? Sh-t I never knew.

During 2011, the rappers released diss’ songs and gave disparaging interviews about each other and the situation, but here’s where things change. At the 2012 BET Awards in Atlanta, members of the rappers entourages got into a brawl that included pushing, shoving in the backstage area and eventually shots were fired in the parking lot.

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Somehow members of 50 Cent’s G-Unit also became involved. Cut to present day.

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T.I. appeared on the Arsenio Hall Show explaining how he was able to end the feud between the two,

Young Jeezy is one of my best partners that I have in this industry…I basically said, you know if nothing hasn’t happened that would cause us to not be able to rectify it, let’s rectify it before something happens that would cause us to not be able to rectify it. Get back to doing what we do, getting money and shining….I think they both say where that needed to happen. They themselves made the decision to patch it up, I merely said, ‘Hey, I don’t know if anybody is looking at this but maybe we can consider this rather that.’

Peep the clip below.

The pair collaborated on the new song ‘War Ready’ from Ross’ newest album ‘Mastermind’ in stores next month.

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