(EXCLUSIVE) Ex NFL Star Lawrence Taylor – Medical & Toxicology Reports To Be Revealed In DUI Case

(EXCLUSIVE) Ex NFL Star Lawrence Taylor – Medical & Toxicology Reports To Be Revealed In DUI Case

Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence Taylor – Medical & Toxicology Reports To Be Revealed

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports ex NFL star Lawrence Taylor was hit with possibly bad news in his DUI Case, with a judge signing off on prosecutors issuing an investigative subpoena — allowing them to obtain the toxicology report and medical records from the night in question.

Here’s the latest: On April 12th, a hearing was held on the prosecutor’s motion to execute an investigative subpoena. They demanded all of Lawrence Taylor’s medical records from Palm Beach Fire Rescue, who responded to the accident.

The judge came back and sided with the prosecutors. He denied the motion for ALL medical records, but did decide to allow certain information to be released.

The order states that all medical records from Palm Beach Fire Rescue from the day of the incident be shared. He is allowing the prosecutors to obtain the names of all personnel that interacted with Taylor, any toxicology reports that reveal the presence of alcohol or controlled substances. Further, any admissions the ex NFL star made to medical personnel about taking drugs or how much he had to drink will have to be turned over.

Here’s the backstory: Back in September, Taylor was arrested and booked for DUI in Florida after he allegedly crashed his Bentley into a police cruiser and mobile home around 5pm.

According to reports, he was driving in Palm Beach Gardens when he lost control of his luxury car and hit the two cars. The police noted in their report that he reeked of alcohol and cigars, had bloodshot eyes and wasn’t steady on his feet. He would blow a .084 during a breathalyzer test five hours after the crash. He was arrested after he failed field sobriety tests at the scene. The former NFL star plead not guilty to the DUI charges & is facing up to two years in jail if convicted. A pretrial hearing has been set for next month in Florida court.

Photo: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department

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