Ice T’s Wife Addresses Backlash For Wearing Braids: This shouldn’t be a race thing.

Ice T's Wife Addresses Braids Backlash: This shouldn't be a race thing.

Ice T’s Wife Addresses Braids Backlash

Ice T’s wife, Coco Austin, is facing backlash over her new hairstyle. Last week, she debuted her new braids referring to them as the ‘Coco Swoop’.

Coco received so much backlash that her husband even chimed in to defend her.

Fast forward to the present day and Coco has taken to social media again, to explain her new hairstyle. She says that, ‘This shouldn’t be a race thing’ and adds,

These are called the Coco swoop, the braids before Bo Derek braids, and it’s a Coco-ism. I’ve always done it. Why can’t we all rename hairstyles or braids? That’s so stupid. Why is everybody claiming something they shouldn’t?

See the clip (Part1)

Part 2


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