EXCLUSIVE: LHHHollywood’s Zell Swag Regrets Reunion Fight + Denies Fat Shaming + Reacts To Rumor He’s Fired

EXCLUSIVE: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's Zell Swag Regrets Fight w/ Misster Ray + Denies Fat Shaming + Reacts To Rumor He's Fired

Zell Swag

From his addictive personality, slick mouth, to styling some of the biggest names in the music industry, Zell Swag (real name Lazell Shaw) has made a hit with viewers during the fourth season of Love and Hip: Hollywood (LHHH). With the Hollywood franchise wrapping up one of its most craziest season’s yet, for the past few weeks, there had been rumors circulating the cast had an explosive reunion. In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND.com, Zell dishes on his start in celebrity styling, how he got his spot on the show, his brawl with LHHH cast mate Misster Ray, his ex-boyfriend (Joe Exclusive), and his failed friendship with Masikia Kalysha. Peep the excerpts below.

EXCLUSIVE: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's Zell Swag Regrets Fight w/ Misster Ray + Denies Fat Shaming + Reacts To Rumor He's Fired

On how he got on LHHH:

I think season two was the first time they hit me up. I was in a relationship they wanted to show, but they went with Milan [Christopher] and Miles [Brock] fake story. Teirra had hit me up and was like, ’They looking for somebody like you so I gave them your information.’ Lisa King hit me up, I gave her one conversation, and I was there.

On if he was apprehensive about doing reality TV:

No. I’ve never been. I’ve been behind the scenes of reality TV for almost 10 years. I’m so used to it.

On who he has worked with in the past: 

You know, I was a stylist. I worked with Keyshia Cole, K. Michelle, Remy Ma, Young Thug, Wycleaf [Jean]. It’s many names; from artists, to athletes.

EXCLUSIVE: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's Zell Swag Regrets Fight w/ Misster Ray + Denies Fat Shaming + Reacts To Rumor He's Fired

Zell Swag & Jeremy Scott

On his start as a stylist:

I started off in Atlanta. I was working with Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. I did work with some of Housewives [at] first. And one of my closest friends – who still works with me till this day – we started sewing together; his name is Melvin Styles. We started a company called Fab Connect, which is like a styling agency. It was like where makeup artist, hairstylist, you plug them with different people. Before I had moved to L.A., I had already been on[Real]  Housewives of Atlanta.

On how he got his start in Hollywood:

When I got to Hollywood, I started working with different people, like Masika [Kalysha]. She wasn’t paying me because she didn’t have that much money, and I understood. We were helping each other. And she was on the show, so I was trying to get my name out, here [Los Angeles].

I worked with all the girls for the first season [of LHHH.] Moniece [Slaughter] came to me; she only had $2 in her pocket, And she won best dress.

EXCLUSIVE: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's Zell Swag Regrets Fight w/ Misster Ray + Denies Fat Shaming + Reacts To Rumor He's Fired

Nia Riley, Zell Swag, Masika Kalysha

On his relationship with Masika before LHHH:

I knew her before she started on Love and Hip Hop. I met her 3 or 4 weeks before she actually started filming. Our relationship, before the show, was kind of iffy because she had just had her baby, and she kept it a secret from everybody. And I felt some type of way.

I was one of the ones putting the story out about Masika and Fetty [Wap]. She used to send me pictures of him laying down, and would text me.

On if he helped Masika get placed on blogs:

Definitely. Most definitely. Even before she got pregnant.

On  how he and Masika’s friendship rekindled:

I text her and told her they [LHH execs] sent me a contract already. She kind of was apprehensive about it. I sent her a screenshot of it, and it was then when we became kind of friends. She wanted to hang out, and wanted to do things. She was the one that told me that Misster Ray was doing all this shit. I just didn’t know she had something to do with it, too.

Before the fourth season of LHHH aired, Zell and Masika were friends. As the season progressed, their friendship began to take a tumble.

On how the drama began between Zell and Masika:

It truly started when I called her feet dirty. She understood the situation I was in with Alexis [Skyy]. It was like, we all are apart of a show; we were going to have to meet up with each other. Right after I called her that dirty feet, that happened on a Thursday, that Monday me and Masika were cool.

Before I even went her launch party, we were already cool. The reason I did all that f-ck sh-t was because her and [Misster] Ray had (my ex boyfriend) Joe [Exclusive] outside, trying to bring Joe in. As a friend, you don’t do sh-t like that. I would never bring Alexis in on her because I know their true beef. Just like she knows me and Joe’s relationship. I used to f-ck people over her house.

On his ex:

His intent was to confront me and say he ‘made me.’ But my thing is, how can you make me and you didn’t make yourself?

EXCLUSIVE: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's Zell Swag Regrets Fight w/ Misster Ray + Denies Fat Shaming + Reacts To Rumor He's Fired

Misster Ray, Zell Swag

On the drama between Zell and Misster Ray:

I think he is just jealous because I’m in Hollywood, and I’m lit around these girls. He even said it in a scene, ‘Oh, I thought you forgot about me.’ I’m just like, I wasn’t around these girls everyday. I don’t get it.

On claims he was “fat shaming” Misster Ray during the season:

I don’t think its fat shaming when he has done so much to me. He called me homeless – I stayed at hotels. I did. I don’t mind saying that because that’s apart of my struggle. I stayed at a hotel and paid a $125 a night at that hotel. Its just a good read.

On claims that he and Ray tried to squash their beef:

That’s a lie. I never want to have a conversation with him outside the camera because I don’t know you [Misster Ray].

On if he anticipated getting into an altercation with Ray at the reunion:

No. I don’t want things to be physical. I’m a teddy bear. I might be rough, but I still have emotions and feelings also. Once I get to a vulnerable point and ready to apologize, then I get played, thats when I lose it.

On if he was surprised he got kicked off the reunion:

Um. No.

On if he regrets the physical altercation:

I do.

On if he has reached out after the physical altercation:

No I haven’t. I feel like he is trying to drag the situation. I didn’t wanna leave that reunion with beef with nobody.

On if he has been fired LHHH:

No, I have not been fired. If I was fired that means it would not be no Love and Hip Hop Hollywood next season.

On if LHHH could exist without him:

The show could definitely exist without me. It’s already existed for four seasons. But I feel like I’ve brought a flame to the show that the viewers want to keep seeing.

On if felt like he was accurately portrayed:

Yes. Actually, I don’t. I’m crazy than a motherfucker. I feel like you don’t even get to see all my craziness. You see how fly I am, you see I don’t play, and you see my mouth is crazy.

On the biggest misconception about him:

That I’m violent. I feel like I’m being any other man who is being picked on. I hang around strictly straight dudes.

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On starting his music career and his first song:

I definitely am [starting a music career]. My first song will show you my bars; its a diss record about Hoesika [Masika] and Short Neck [Misster Ray].

On what made him start his music career:

I have a Soundcloud that I’ve had since 2011 where I just record random shit. Its just something I’ve always been into. I’m a good writer. I know how to put words together.

On what’s next for him:

I’m doing an EP titled ‘This is Not for TV’ My music is more geared for people’s haters. It’ll be out by December. I’m also doing a book of reads; teach people how to be shady.

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