EXCLUSIVE: Meek Mill – Don’t Blame My Lyrics For Concert Shooting!

Meek Mill

EXCLUSIVE: Meek Mill – Don’t Blame My Lyrics For Concert Shooting!

Meek Mill (real name Robert Rihmeek Williams) is addressing an argument that a family is using to sue him for wrongful death, stating that his lyrics are NOT the cause of a shooting outside his concert.

The 30-year-old rapper, who is currently in jail, was sued by the estate of Jaquan Graves for wrongful death. Graves was shot outside Meek’s 2016 concert in Connecticut while he was leaving the show.

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Meek Mill

The suit accused Meek and the venue of being negligent and allowing,

thugs to remain on the premises, after exhibiting disorderly, disruptive, argumentative, angry and/or agitated behavior toward patrons.

Meek is currently facing three separate lawsuits over the incident.

Meek’s team responded, saying he had nothing to do with the tragic incident outside his concert and accuses the estate of adding him to the suit improperly. Meek claims the lawsuit against him is a baseless attempt to hold him responsible for conduct that he had nothing to do with.

His camp also filed new docs demanding he be dismissed from the case. He explains,

It is not foreseeable that a concert performer’s failure to warn the concert venue and promoters that there had been instances of violence at a few of his previous concerts years before would likely cause the concertgoers to be harmed by the unrelated assailants in the parking lot after the show.

The rapper says in regard to his lyrics, the estate’s claim his songs incite violence is an offensive stereotype about hip-hop music. He argues his lyrics had nothing to do with the terrible violence acts that are the subject to this lawsuit.

He says it is not normal for a performer to expect to be sued when someone gets injured in a parking lot after his concert due to actions by third parties. Meek claims if he is found liable for the incident it would likely lead to artists choosing to skip performing in Connecticut on their tours based on them thinking they could get sued for basically anything that happens in or around a concert regardless of whether they had anything to do with it. Meek is demanding the case be dismissed completely against him.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams