EXCLUSIVE: Gabrielle Union – Women Are Capable Of Saving Their Damn Selves

Gabrielle Union: Women Are Capable Of Saving Their Damn Selves [VIDEO]

The premiere of Breaking In is officially here and the action film’s lead, Gabrielle Union, is dishing on her latest role. In an interview with theJasmineBRAND correspondent Jasmin Knox, Union breaks down the plot of the James McTeigue directed film. She shares,

I’m a mom, thinking she’s picking up her deceased father’s home, ya know –  weekend with the kids. It turns into hell on earth and she has to figure it out, just using her wits and the little bit of resources that she has at her disposal and how to beat the bad guys who have taken her kids hostage.

Union admits that she did very little physically to prepare for her role.

You know what? It’s the absence of preparation. Because I didn’t want my character to be like super trim and everything; look like you know – she’s a professional, like she looks like Laila Ali. I just did pilates and drank Rosé last summer. I trained harder for this red carpet than I did for the movie last summer.

When asked what she hopes moviegoers take away from the film, she says,

That women are perfectly capable of saving their damn selves.

See the full interview below.

Videographer: Dilan Kennedy, Photo: Alex J. Berliner/ABImages


Authored by: Kellie Williams