Wendy Williams – I Don’t Believe Kenya Moore Is Pregnant!

Wendy Williams – I Don’t Believe Kenya Moore Is Pregnant!

Wendy Williams is weighing in on Kenya Moore’s pregnancy and Eva Marcille officially getting a Real Housewives of Atlanta peach. The outspoken talk show host admits that she doesn’t believe that Kenya is expecting. She says,

Over the weekend, apparently Kenya Moore was out and about showing off her baby bump.

Is that a baby bump or a double double with a chocolate shake? I still don’t believe. She is 49 years old, Kenya is reportedly pregnant, if she is pregnant at this particular point, I guess she would be 3 or 4 months. Is that 3 or 4 months pregnant? I mean Kenya is not a small girl, so you figure she would be showing more, I don’t know. It smells like haze to me. Ugh…..

She continued,

But, doesn’t look pregnant to me Kenya. The rumors are swirling that Kenya is out, no more peach, no she is going to be a friend of, a friend of. She’s been demoted.


Last week, we broke the story that Eva was reportedly returning to the hit BRAVO series as a full time cast member.

Eva Marcille

Wendy commented on this, referring to Eva as ‘boring.’

And they gave the peach to Eva Marcille. Eva’s boring. Ugh she’s gonna be planning the new baby she is having with the would be mayor. And her wedding and stuff like that. She does say a few slick things, but not slick enough to hold a peach. Ugh there’s the husband.

Wendy then went on again to speak about Kenya about her role on the show.

The thing is with Kenya, Kenya’s not involving her husband in the show, so everybody over at Bravo is pissed off with that But Kenya, I know you don’t want to involve him cause you wanna have I guess what you would call a regular marriage off reality television, but you have to choose at this particular point. You can’t be on the show and then hold back from us that you are allegedly pregnant.

And and your husband like we wanna see you in the restaurants, we wanna see you talking to staff, we wanna see your husband mix it up with the other husbands. Just take the peach from Eva. Give it to Marlo and we’ll be fine.


What do you think of Wendy’s comments?

By: Kina Lenee Gladney

Authored by: Kellie Williams