Cardi B Countersuing Ex-Manager For $15 Million!

Cardi B.

Cardi B Files A $15 Million Countersuit Against Her Ex-Manager

In April, Cardi Bs ex-manager Shaft filed a $10 million lawsuit against the rapper, claiming he was responsible for much of her success, even orchestrating Cardi’s smash hit “Bodak Yellow.” However, when Cardi got too famous, Shaft says she froze him out of her career.

Cardi B is now claiming that Shaft took advantage of her and is firing back with a lawsuit of her own. The former Love & Hip Hop New York star filed a suit in federal court on Thursday alleging that Shaft took advantage of her and the management deal she signed with him was too one-sided. Cardi says that Shaft was receiving a 20% commission but demanded 50% of her Sony music publishing deal.

Cardi B also alleges that Shaft attempted to not only control her work life, but her personal life as well. According to her suit, he,

Put barriers between her and people close to her in an effort to maintain complete control over her.

Cardi B, Offset

He even tried to come between her and her now-husband Offset, attempting to control,

who she should and should not see romantically.

Cardi B is countersuing for more than $15 million.

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