Tory Lanez Explains Repeatedly Punching Fan At Concert

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez Explains Repeatedly Punching Fan At Concert

Tory Lanez is defending his actions after multiple videos of him throwing blows at a fan received critical attention from social media. While making a stop in Toronto for his “Memories Don’t Die Tour,” many fans saw Lanez sending several punches to a concertgoer before he began crowd surfing. The fan who Lanez punched is unknown, but in a new video Lanez explains why he punched the unknown person.


In the selfie captured video, he started off,

I just wanna address something I’ve seen today. I go on the blogs and I see ‘Tory Lanez swung at a fan and fouled off on a fan at his concert last night.’

He continued,

I want y’all to understand two things: number one, there’s a difference between someone who comes to your show as a fan and somebody who comes to your show to cause you a problem or to cause you bodily harm.

He adds,

Number two, if you’ve been to a Tory Lanez show in the last 4 or 5 years, you understand I crowd surf in every single one. I’ve never been absent when it comes to the crowd surf. I’ve always did it. Crowd walked on every single fan. Every single crowd I’ve been in front of, and they love me for that. I get in there, no security. People love me. I would never disrespect my fans and foul off on a fan. But I always want y’all to understand the real story.

The “Say It” rapper concludes,

And understand one other thing, I love my fans and I love them to death, and they’re the reason I’m here. But I’m also never going to let nobody come to my show and try to take this from me or cause me bodily harm.


It’s uncertain what Lanez is mentioning when he cites he can’t “allow anyone to take this from me,” or what the concertgoer did to cause him “bodily harm.” No additional details about the incident have been released.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams