Stevie J’s Alleged 20-Year-Old Baby Mama Says He Owes Her Thousands of Dollars

Stevie J’s Alleged 20-Year-Old Baby Mama Says He Owes Her Thousands of Dollars

Producer/Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star, Steven “Stevie J” Jordan may have just gotten married to singer Faith Evans, but there’s seems to be a bit of drama waiting for him. A 20-year-old woman named Misha Perry insists that she’s pregnant by Stevie and has the receipts to prove it.


Perry took to Instagram to air out Stevie’s dirty laundry due to the fact that he hasn’t acknowledged the child. Interestingly enough, Misha’s Instagram name is “The Boss Puta.” Stevie’s ex, former girlfriend Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star, Joseline Hernandez, used to go by the name “The Baddest Puta” – a play on words nodding to fellow Miami native Trina, who goes by “The Baddest B*tch,” and Spanish as Joseline’s first language. Misha used this caption to prove her pregnancy,

Leave it up to the social media trolls im not pregnant cause i dont post pics but here you go beggers  

She also addressed Stevie’s new marriage and insinuated Stevie owes her money on her Instagram story. She says,

I hope that new marriage can help you gather up the thousands you stole from me too

#StevieJ’s latest baby mama #MishaPerry has some words for him too ***SWIPE***

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She also continued to attack Faith Evans with an alleged picture of Stevie sleeping to prove her point,

Lol I hope this time it’s a real marriage and since you getting married I hope faith can help you on some of those child support debts because YOUR ( our ) child will be here in October , and hunny I know this marriage is scam because you got all types of hoes living with you and @therealfaithevans you ain’t the only one hunny , it’s sad that your almost 50 & still getting played like a fiddle , u done got married to a man that got SEVERAL BABYMAMAS AND LIKE THE BOOTY , Yeah he dont want no pussy , biggie is turnin over in his grave you should be ashamed of yourself #steviej #leaveittostevie #ratface #mastersplinter #harmonyjordan”

Perry’s pregnancy was first revealed when we exclusively broke the story that Stevie J and DJ Traci Steele had a secret relationship, in which Traci left when she found out Misha was pregnant. Traci hinted at this incident while promoting her new book, “30 Day Man Cleanse.” She said,

I was dating a guy who was completely wrong for me and I knew it because guy was telling me signs, but I was ignoring them. I found out this guy is a narcissist. He’s a sociopath. And he’s so scared to grow all that he would date, hang out with and possibly knock up 20-year-olds, and he’s a grandfather.

Will this drama unfold on the next season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?

 By: Miata Shanay

Authored by: Kellie Williams