Denzel Washington’s Son Doesn’t Want To Live In His Dad’s Shadow – They Think I Don’t Work For This

Denzel Washington’s Son Doesn’t Want To Live In His Dad’s Shadow – They Think I Don’t Work For This

Before John David Washington got his role in Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman, he knew he wanted to make a name of his own. As he tried his luck in football, he soon figured that he would have to retire his jersey before even getting an official spot on the team. During the early 2000s, John David peddled his way through the NFL trying to discover his place in the World. After receiving enough confirmation, he decided to pursue football has a career, and would end come to a screeching halt almost seven years later when he tore his Achilles – what he describes as a “death row sentence.”

With time and recovery on his hands, John David had to venture off to find something new. Which, in due course, he had the opportunity to do what he shied away from for so many years – acting. After 10 auditions, John David earned the role of Ricky Jerret on HBO’s comedy – starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – Ballers. As he delved deeper into acting as a career, he landed several roles following his breakout role in Ballers.

The actor speaks about discovering how football wasn’t his calling, how he fell in love with acting, and his biggest misconception.

Why John David considers football a “positive rebellion”:

“When I saw that it was about me and not my father, it was like a drug. I got addicted to that. To being able to be appreciated, separate, independently of a name.”

He reveals the taunting he received from other players:

“I love your daddy, man, but I’m gonna whoop your ass.”

When he found out that he tore his Achilles:

““It was a death row sentence. I’m 28 years old, as a running back, it’s over.”

Why he chose not to do interviews/promotion for his role on Ballers:

“I didn’t want people to know who I was. I didn’t want it to interfere with the work. Either people connect with it or don’t connect with it. At least it will be the guy that they don’t like or do like. It won’t be the son of somebody.”

Why he went for the role on Ballers:

“It humanizes them [NFL players]. The show gives a fun insight into how the business is and how the players get treated.”

Why he likes acting:

“The roles seem to get better, you become calmer and more confident in your abilities. People that have connected with the stuff now, thank god for them, thank you, keep watching. But if they connect and like what I’m doing now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

How he knows acting will be a part of his life forever:

“This is my life. My appreciation and love comes from not the glitz and glamor of it, but the process of it. The work and the craft. That’s what I connect to and love. It’s a part of me. It’s like breathing.”

His biggest misconception:

“Denzel’s son. They think I don’t work for this.”

Authored by: Kellie Williams