Alex Trebek Nominates Laura Coates As His Replacement On ‘Jeopardy’, LeVar Burton Also Eyes Host Gig

Alex Trebek Wants Laura Coates To Replace Him On ‘Jeopardy’, LeVar Burton Also Eyes Host Gig

After 34 years as host of the TV game show, Jeopardy, Alex Trebek plans to leave his post in 2020  and he’s already eyeing some replacements for the job. Aside from Alex Faust, announcer for the L.A. Kings hockey team, he’s also considering CNN legal analyst, Laura Coates. Trebek says,

There is an attorney, Laura Coates. She’s African-American and she appears on some of the cable news shows from time to time.

Laura Coates is a former assistant US Attorney for the District of Columbia. She’s also a lecturer at George Washington University Law School and hosts her own SiriusXM radio show. After seeing Trebek’s comments, Coates could not wait to share her excitement. She tweeted:

Incredibly honored & humbled @Jeopardy Alex Trebek 1) knows who I am 2) thinks I’d be a great host of my fave game show ever that I grew up watching w/ my family & still watch w/ my own kids (who saw him say this & now think I’m a genius) #Dying

Over the weekend, former Reading Rainbow host and Star Trek actor, LeVar Burton put his bid in for the hosting job. While at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas Sunday, Burton told the crowd,

“I’ve made it very clear… when Alex Trebek retires in two years, I want that job!”

This wouldn’t be the first time Burton has thrown his hat into the ring. Just last week, he also said that hosting Jeopardy would be his dream job. He tweeted:

Sorry, brother! There is only one game show I’ve ever wanted to host… This Is Jeopardy!

Sorry everyone! It was called Reading Rainbow, not Spelling Rainbow…

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