Delicia Cordon Returns To Social Media After Brutal Attack At NFL’er LeSean McCoy’s Home

Delicia Cordon Returns To Social Media After Brutal Attack At NFL’er LeSean McCoy’s Home

It’s been nearly a month since fashion designer Delicia Cordon has posted on social media. Shortly after her last post on July 9, Cordon was robbed and attacked at the home of her ex-boyfriend LeSean McCoy.  McCoy and Cordon were on the outs which caused Cordon’s friends to blame McCoy for the attack.

The Buffalo Bills football player denied any involvement and reportedly, Cordon is not sure that he is involved either. After weeks of taking a social media hiatus, Delicia Cordon has returned to Instagram to wish her children a happy first day of school. She penned a heartfelt message saying:

You become your bravest self when you become a parent! Your life becomes dedicated to molding them into decent human beings. Day by day you’re protecting them, putting their happiness, & well-being before your own! The love you have for your children is the most sincerest love possible! So when we send them off to the world, we have to prepare them for the reality. The reality that not everyone will like them, they will be judged, & ridiculed, they will get hurt along the way, & sometimes may feel like giving up. So I’ll teach them from my mistakes. Raise them to know they are braver than they believe, stronger than they seem, and smarter than they think. #BackToSchoolWeGo #YesIsaidWe #WhentheyareinSchool#ItsLikeIminSchoolToo

Following Cordon’s attack last month, her best friend, Mia Boykin, took to Instagram to wish her well. She penned an open letter to Cordon saying:

Dear the STRONGEST woman I know… @msdecordon Anyone who knows you, knows you are one of the most loving, caring, & genuinely kind hearted females around! Not to mention one of the most amazing mothers alive, but they may not know all that you have been through in life. For me to witness your pain first hand, it amazes me how you are still able to smile through it all! The average woman would have broken down, but not you! You are a real fighter & I can’t wait for the world to admire you like I do! The world will try to break you, but only the strong survive!

Delicia has not publicly addressed the assault against her.

Authored by: Eleven8