Mariah Lynn Claims She Can Out-Rap Nicki Minaj, Songwriter Comes Forward Says Lynn Doesn’t Write Her Music

Love & Hip Hop’s Mariah Lynn Claims She Can Out-Rap Nicki Minaj, Songwriter Says Reality Star Uses Ghost Writer

Love & Hip-Hop star Mariah Lynn has been making a wave on social media and to the surprise of many, it’s for her music. The Gwinin rapper has taken shots at Nicki Minaj recently, after Minaj called out DJ Self for being a “dummy” and allegedly name dropping Cardi B in hopes Minaj would say something disrespectful. Lynn sent a direct comment to Minaj, questioning how she could disrespect a man who’s

“helped so many people.”

After being attacked by her Barbz, prank called and forced to change her number, Lynn is now claiming she can out-rap Minaj in a rap battle. However, having an alleged ghostwriter put a damper on Mariah Lynn’s claims.

In a short clip on BET, Lynn is asked if she could out-rap the “Queen” and she immediately responds,


She proceeded to spit a few bars and after receiving criticism about her flow being a close resemblance to Minaj, the reality stars goes on to give her two cents.

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She says,

“You know, people keep asking me, ‘Oh, if you don’t like this person so much,’ it’s not that I don’t like her. I don’t know her to not like her. I don’t like what she said about the Gwinin roster. I don’t like what she said about Self”. 

She goes on to say she’s added her own verses to Nicki’s current hit songs and plans on releasing them. While her fans await these remixes to “Barbie Dreams,” “FeFe,” and “Chun-Li,” a Twitter user by the name of Xone, is claiming he has personally ghostwritten for Lynn, and he has receipts.

After catching the clip, he took to Twitter to share a video of text conversations allegedly between him and Lynn. In a tweet, he wrote,

“Are you really gonna keep acting like me, Swift and Keanu didn’t write your whole project? YOU COULD NEVER OUTRAP THE #QUEEN”



Per the video, these text messages show alleged screenshots of the two making business deals with one another, multiple verses he’s allegedly written, and Lynn sending him potential beats to songs. He also provided an Instagram video posted to Lynn’s page of her rapping the same lyrics he sent her months prior.

In a thread of tweets, the songwriter states he and Lynn have not worked together in over a year, and she’s a


Lynn has yet to respond to having a writer for her music. She did post an image of herself with a eyebrow raising caption. She wrote,

“You scare people when your a whole all by yourself. They hate you simply because of the way other people love you.”

Do you think Mariah Lynn can out-rap Nicki Minaj?

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Authored by: Kellie Williams