Joe Budden – I Rap Better Than Eminem + Criticizes Rapper For Not Supporting Slaughterhouse

Joe Budden – I Rap Better Than Eminem + Criticizes Rapper For Not Supporting Slaughterhouse

Joe Budden had a lot to say in response to Eminem’s diss towards him on his latest Kamikaze album. Budden, who is now retired from rap and creating content with Spotify and Revolt TV, founded the group Slaughterhouse with rappers Royce da 5’9, Joell Ortiz and Crooked I. The group signed with Eminem’s Shady Records in 2011 where the released their sophomore album Welcome to: Our House. Despite the release being highly anticipated, it was not widely received following its release. The group did not release a second album on the label and eventually things went sour, with the group eventually disbanding. However, Budden and Eminem’s recent beef stems from a mention on Eminem’s album where Eminem disses the New Jersey rapper after he criticized Eminem’s previous album.


Reaffirming that he is retired from rapping, Joe Budden took to his weekly podcast to publicly respond to Eminem. On the podcast, Budden criticizes Eminem’s ability as a label owner, saying that he did not support the group in a way label heads like Rick Ross would do for Meek Mill and Wale. He mentions that Eminem would rarely show up for them and would be apprehensive about doing songs with them. He also says that the group created better music by themselves because whenever they turned music into Eminem, songs would be completely changed or verses removed.

Joe Budden

Budden then went on to say that for the last 10 years, he’s been a much better rapper than Eminem, explaining that Em has spent the last decade rhyming words with no content.

Let me tell you what Joe Budden has this entire time. I’ve been better than you this entire fuckin decade. I couldn’t say that back then. In my rapper brain, I’m a content nigga, you gotta say something. You have not said anything for the better part of a whole fuckin’ decade. You have rhymed a bunch of words. So, let me give you some love. Eminem is the best rhymer of words in the world. On the planet. He can rhyme letters , he can rhyme words that don’t rhyme, he can rhyme accents damn near. Boy is talented. Know the hip hop I fell in love with? The hip hop that said you have to say something. I personally haven’t heard that Marshall in quite some time. 


Budden goes on to say that he wasn’t impressed by Eminem calling out other rappers and claims that MGK was right when he said Eminem was an out of touch superstar.

How could I be mesmerized of someone I think that I’m better than? You’ve been in your cocoon so you’re unaware of a few things. The tricks that you tried with the pop stars, you can’t come out of your cocoon and try with the rappers. Em, you’re no longer in control.  I don’t know what album y’all heard but I heard a nigga that knows it’s over. I heard a nigga that’s fully aware that he has not said shit for about a decade now. I see a nigga threatened by the other niggas in the game. I see a nigga still using the old tricks… fam, stop calling niggas names. Stop just throwing names out and think that’s going to be a single because you said a bunch of names. You ain’t said shit. Find another muse, pull from somewhere else. You fucking superstar niggas have been sheltered and bored. MGK is right. Yall been slaves to your own superstardom. You can’t leave the house. It cost money for you to go out.  You don’t know shit about shit, Em. You don’t know that it’s probably 3 niggas on the label that are better than you.

Budden reaffirms that Eminem isn’t supportive to the artists he signs, only calling out rapper names to diss and not to support his label.

You got the nerve to be shouting out all these niggas on your album but you don’t ever shout out none of the niggas that are signed to you. How you really feel about the niggas that you signed, Em? You don’t think it’s odd that you’ve said my name more as adversaries than you did when I was there? You don’t think that looks like you’re not into the business of Shady [Records], you’re into the business of shading? You don’t get to come out and call the shots #1 as the lesser emcee and #2 you’re not backed anymore, nigga. Fair playing ground. Fuck is you on? Ask about me. 

You can listen to the entire Joe Budden Podcast episode below. Be prepared, it’s over 3 hours long and there’s a lot of shots being taken.

Authored by: Eleven8