Masika Kalysha Leakes Screenshots Of Bow Wow Calling Ex-Kiyomi Leslie Psychotic, Car-less, Insecure & Homeless

Masika Kalysha Leakes Screenshots Of Bow Wow Calling Ex-Kiyomi Leslie Psychotic, Car-less, Insecure & Homeless

Some drama between cast members of “Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta” is getting pretty heated. The show’s newcomers, Masika Kalysha, Bow Wow’s ex, Kiyomi Leslie were in a bout with each other on social media early Friday morning/afternoon. After the airing of Thursday’s episode, it seemed like Bow Wow was attempting to spark some drama as he sent some flirting tweets to Kalysha.

As Kalysha is known for a witty clapbacks and snarky remarks, it seems she stepped on some toes during the airing of the WE Tv’s series latest episode. When it was questioned why Kalysha was speaking on Leslie’s name, she clarified the sentiments in a tweet Friday morning.

When u mindin yo business & u never heard of a Bitch but she so insecure & jealous of u that she talks about u 25/8 bts & tells @smoss goofy ass he can’t film with u & she too scared to film w u too, but ur in Atlanta the whole summer & production asks u to talk about it #fixedit

The mother of one even took it a step further by disclosing text messages between her and executive producer, Bow Wow where he was discussing his relationship problems with Leslie in a conflicting way.

It all started over the summer when Kalysha confronted Bow about the reason she wasn’t able to film with him, alluding to Leslie being the reason for them not being able to do scenes together.

In the messages, Bow details his experience with Leslie, stating she was “psychotic,” threatened to tell the public he “kidnapped her,” and her insecurities about Kalysha and Lil’ Mama; claiming Leslie was threatened by Kalysha.

Within opening the can of worms, Kalysha tweeted,

“Claiming you a bad b*tch, but you just doin bad, b*tch. Sick & tired of b*tches using what I’ve built for 12 years to get famous. For throw rocks and hid your hand & excuse me @smoss you know this lame shit ain’t even my style. But I picked the nicer screen shots at least.


We all have a post but don’t all have a future. And my future is secured because of the work I put in. You can’t piggyback offa me no more nope not giving hoes free rides and keeping silent about it! The Marta stops here sis!

The marta is the public transportation service used in the Atlanta area. Bow Wow also allegedly stated his now-ex Leslie doesn’t have a vehicle nor her own apartment or house.

Leslie has stepped in and given her stance on situation,

So you see the common denominator is SHAD. Nobody wanted no beef but him all I asked was keep my name out yo mouth period. Shad mad at me & usin u. Idc what lies he tells you bout me period I got plenty receipts & bank statements but to prove what that a nigga can make us beef

Kalysha responded,

oh you wanna have a come to Jesus moment now don’t u sis let’s reason now huh sis? But u wanna make up a whole ass lie like I even heard of u to dislike you. Like u didn’t tell bow he couldn’t shoot w me because u jealous when I told him I was happy for him. #GTFOH

Bow Wow has offered little words to the recent text messages being shared. Kalysha has since deleted the messages found above and below. You can view the rest of them below.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams